I’m sitting here on this frigid Saturday morning on my couch enjoying my third cup of coffee while my family sleeps. I get up early lately, regardless of what time I go to bed. For a while I would wake up and just try and fall asleep. Took about a week of tossing and turning before I decided to just get up and be productive. No sense waking up at 3 am and laying in bed till 6. Yes…you read that right…3 am.

I’ve got a playlist on that I tailored to my more depressive side. Not so much because I’m depressed, I’m actually far from it. I think I play these songs because it’s a reminder of a longing that I lived with for years and, in my own way, it reminds me to not be content with wherever things are at currently in my life. No matter how great things get, I don’t want things to stop and revel in the happiness. I want to enjoy it, fully and completely, and then move to the next happy moment.

I think when we wish things would never change we begin to destroy our own joy. I’ve heard it said that a party is great because we all know that at some point it’s going to end. That knowledge causes us to do what we can to enjoy the moment while it is there.

Imagine being at a party and being told it will never end and you can never leave. All of a sudden, that party turns into a prison and you’d almost not be able to enjoy anything because it would lose its meaning.

Life finds its meaning in the starts, highs (or lows), and stops of each moment.

When I was younger, I had so many moments that I wished would never end. But each one of them did. After, I would find myself longing for them to return again trying to remember everything I could about them in a failing effort to make them last a little longer.

It’s only now that I am older that I have learned to cherish the fantastic moments of our life and be grateful that they came. After they leave, let them leave gracefully and turn to what’s coming next. I feel like I am prepared for moments to come because I am no longer wishing for ‘good ‘ol days’. I make sure I remember all that I can while I’m in the moment, then earnestly desire for the next.

That is what playlists like this remind me of. Songs like these remind me to continually long for what’s next so I don’t sit and rot where ever I currently am in life. Enjoy the happy moments, be glad they came, and go find the next one.

If you want to listen to this ever growing playlist I am referring to, and you have Spotify, click here.


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