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Lets talk talent for a bit. I am a person who honestly believes that everyone has something to offer the world. It doesn’t really matter what your interest is or, in music, genre style, everyone has a creative bend that pushes them to present themselves to the world in some way shape or form.

For a lot of us, this talent is something that is developed over time. We gain an interest in something and we practice and work at it until we achieve a level of greatness we are proud of. For others, talent is something that seems to just be a part of our makeup. Some say we’re born with it, and they are right. Talent is something that is unique to every person.

The difference between success and being unknown is our culture, not the person.

Take Tyler David, for example. The dude is 24 years old at the time I am writing this and has an insane amount of talent. We live in a world where it’s a lot about who you know and now what you bring to the table. That’s ok…I get it…it’s how culture has evolved. But every now and then something has to come around that shakes the evolved culture up a bit.

I first heard of Tyler a little under a year ago and I’m forever grateful to Craig Winquist for bringing him to my attention. Not only is he an incredible guy to know, he’s got a skill for songwriting that turns an ear to anyone in reach of his music. Not everyone can do that. Especially at 24.

All this to say that if I had a magic wand to shape reality how I please, Tyler would be someone I would make sure people got to hear. I’m beyond excited to see where his talent takes him…that is if the cows don’t get him first.

In the episode, he talks about wanting to make music and own cows. If you ask me, that is a hell of a recipe for creating great songs. It’s a dream that few people choose these days and without realizing it, many of us are grateful that they do. Can you imagine what it would be like if authentic country music was exclusively made by people who never worked with cattle!? Yes…you can…it’s called ANY COUNTRY MUSIC RADIO STATION YOU HEAR TODAY!! And it flat sucks.

Genuine, authentic people who recognize a talent and write songs about a life and story that they personally come from grips your core.

That’s what I hear when I hear Tyler play. A guy who is singing and writing from the only world he knows, and you can’t get any more authentic than that. People crave it also. We’re smart enough to know when something is being fed to us vs. something that is being offered up as an invitation to someones soul. Sure, we may jump on a pop country train for a bit…but eventually we sober up and recognize something true,


In my opinion, that’s what you get with Tyler David. A genuine South Dakota artist who is as honest on stage as he is in person. He’t not pretending when he’s in front of a microphone. That is a jewel of an artist that is worth paying attention to.

It’t artists like Tyler that are worth supporting. They are the ones that are going to share the stories that we all grew up with; not a stripped down story of a truck and a dirt road.

I had truly enjoyed getting to talk with him and hope we get to do it again soon. He’s someone I love getting to share with you all. Where ever his path takes him, whether it’s towards cows or not, I am excited to hear all the music that will come from this talented artist.

Check out the episode to get to know Tyler a bit more!

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