Who I Am and Some of What I’ve Done

Well hello there all! Sure nice of you to stop by for a spell. I suppose this is my chance to tell you a bit about my story. It all starts the day that I was born…at a very young age mind you…and hopefully continues on for many years to come.

When I was a teenager I read in a book about how turtles never get ahead unless they stick their neck out. Sure, they’re safe inside the shell from all the dangers and pitfalls the world can throw their way, but if they hope to get from A to B, they gotta move out of that security.

I feel that like has been a motto of my life since.

I’ve had passions in the past of the religious nature that led this western Nebraska small town boy to head off to Bible college. Rode that train for a while and found myself as head pastor of a little Baptist church in western Iowa for a few years.

I’ve never been one to be a stickler to the rules or a list of do’s and don’ts, and come to find out neither was God. So, I left pursuing a life in organized religion and stuck my neck out in a world I really didn’t know with barely any tools to navigate with.

I’m a quick study however, and soon found life and friends and passion, I might say my true passion all along, outside the walls of Sunday morning.

Through a winding road of ups and downs I found myself on the far side of a failed data tracking company, filling in for a buddy of mine for a music gig at the local pub. Thus, my public music career was birthed and I’ve been playing ever since.

You add that to the stint I did bar tending at said pub, and presto, you’ve got a theologically trained musician/bartender who isn’t quite content with just staying in the shadows and loves talking with people and watching their lives be filled with joy. I quickly got to know the many other talented folk around me and founded the South Dakota Songwriters Association with the sole purpose of giving the local and regional talent a platform for their art to be heard.

Fast forward a few years and it’s not that hard of a stretch to see that a podcast hosted by yours truly was dead set in line with where I was headed. All I needed was some mics, and people to talk to with stories I felt worth sharing.

The Heath Bar was born and has quickly become one of the top podcasts in my area for discovering the incredible people that I’ve come across and the amazing talent and stories behind them.


Your Host,

Heath Johnson