Dying Breed

Yesterday I spent my evening with my father-in-law working on my truck and various other things. Aside from the insane amount of knowledge that he has about what seems to be everything, one thing kept standing out to me. He never looked at his watch. We'd come across and issue and instead of saying, "I don't have the time right now" he just tackled it. 

My truck was one thing, nothing major just minor things. But the way he went about it was extremely thorough. Before he dove in, he looked everywhere, and I mean everywhere, to see if there were any little obvious issues that needed to be addressed as well. He took the time to learn exactly what he was working with; fuse box, etc. Then, after everything was done and he was ready to head home, we hooked up a trailer loaded with old wood for him to take and wouldn't you know it, another problem.

The trailer lights wouldn't turn on. 

Now me, with my limited knowledge of exactly how that electrical system functions. would have definitely called it a day and come back to get it in the morning. Maybe it is because he knows how the system works, or maybe it's just because of how he sees the world, but we spent another hour working on that trailer trying to get the lights on before he left. Completely patient, not yelling, not frustrated, just working out the problem at hand all the while explaining what he was doing.

The whole time we were doing it I found myself both slightly annoyed that another hour was going by, and in admiration that he wasn't willing to just leave a problem. Again, he didn't look at his watch. He seems to take the world as it comes to him and conquer the issue at hand knowing that he's going to have to at some point so he might as well just do it. 

This is something I rarely see today anymore. My dad was the same, so maybe it is generational. Today, we live our days constantly jumping from one item on the itinerary to the next, always enslaved to the clock that we constantly keep an eye on. If an issue shows up outside of what we were planning and expecting, we, or at least I, put it off until I know I have a day with time to work on it...then that day becomes the next one coming up and before you know it this unexpected issue has been sitting for months. 

I found myself wondering how different my life would be if instead of putting things off I just handled them right then and there. Would my days feel more accomplished? Would I hit the bed at the end of the day less stressed about a mountain of things I need to do because I would be thinking of all the things I was able to complete? Would I learn more than I do right now because instead of pushing things down the line because I am unsure of how they work and think I need more time, I dive in and figure it out right there? 

I wonder what the world looks like with this mindset. It's probably not as big and daunting. It probably looks manageable and a place where one is able to thrive in. Without even realizing it, you would be going through immense growth and development and be a person people admire and trust and respect. 

It's the kind of person everyone dreams of being but nobody wants to put in the effort to become. 

He's coming back over today and we are going to finish the work, and that is something that sounds so powerful to say.