The local pub has long been known as a place where people can come, set down their stresses of the day, and relax. Patrons converse with one another about the topics of the times, the area, and whatever else comes to their minds; all over a nice pint of beer or other libation. 

A good pub, in my opinion, features quality music for the townsfolk to enjoy. 

I've been a fan of the pub atmosphere long before I ever set foot in one. What I've set out to do here is to create a place where this atmosphere can extend through the podcast platform providing the listener with a unique experience of listening in on a conversation at a pub. The guests on this show are handpicked, each with interesting stories and talents. 

Along with this, the blog seeks to promote the same feel in written word. From conversations that were not recorded, to the latest local and regional music reviews, to thoughts on other topics brought to you by me, your bartender. 

So pour yourself a nice pint of your favorite potion and enjoy, comment, and join the conversation!