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People are willing to give more time to the things they find important.
— Anthony Tripp

Anthony Tripp | e.38

Anthony Tripp come back to The Heath Bar to talk about whats been going on this past year of his life, the tour, and his future endeavors. Good times were had. 


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Meet Your Host.

Wanna get to know a bit more about me? I know. It can get hard to piece together who I am from the podcast episodes. With that in mind, I wrote up a quick bio of my life, with all the major details left out for some mystery. ;-) Gotta keep your interest right?

I’ve been many things in life. Tree Farmer, Pastor, Bar Tender, Musician, etc. Though talking with people has always been what I loved doing the most.

In 2013, I started up the South Dakota Songwriters Association with the goal of helping other songwriters in my area succeed at their craft.

I truly love talking with people and like to keep it entertaining. I hope you’ve been enjoying the podcast as much as I enjoy serving it for you.


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