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The difference between quality of life and quality in life is people.
— Sean Covel

Sean Covel | e.28

Sean Covel is a film producer best known for his production work on Napoleon Dynamite. In 2015 he founded a children's charity called "12 Days of Pizza" which works annually with Pizza Ranch to help low-income elementary school children eat over school holiday periods all over the mid-western region. Fore more info go to

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Artists, Creators, and Leaders.

Discover the story behind some amazingly talented and passion filled people in a casual way.


Meet Your Host.

Heath is one of those people you meet who genuinely wants your best. It’s a passion of his. He feels most alive when he is able to help, in anyway, someone succeed.

That’s what led him at a young age to want to be a pastor…and consequently what led him to no longer want that for his life.

He founded the South Dakota Songwriters Association in 2013 with the goal of helping other songwriters like himself succeed at their craft.

He’s got a way of talking with people that’s fun and exciting and you’ll certainly hear that in the podcast.


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