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If you ever get to a place where you think you’ve learned all you can in music, just stop.
— Jason Guthmiller
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Jason Guthmiller | e.40

Jason Guthmiller is a guitar player/musician/songwriter out of Spearfish, SD. His album, "How Long Was I out?" is currently up on Spotify and iTunes. 


Artists, Creators, and Leaders.

Discover the story behind some amazingly talented and passion filled people in a casual way.


Meet Your Host.

Wanna get to know a bit more about me? I know. It can get hard to piece together who I am from the podcast episodes. With that in mind, I wrote up a quick bio of my life, with all the major details left out for some mystery. ;-) Gotta keep your interest right?

I’ve been many things in life. Tree Farmer, Pastor, Bar Tender, Musician, etc. Though talking with people has always been what I loved doing the most.

In 2013, I started up the South Dakota Songwriters Association with the goal of helping other songwriters in my area succeed at their craft.

I truly love talking with people and like to keep it entertaining. I hope you’ve been enjoying the podcast as much as I enjoy serving it for you.


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